CALLE THOOR (b. 1984)

Based in Kalmar, Sweden.

Adobe CC, Indian- and Japanese ink, analogue photography, collage, typography, screen print, etc.

I like psychedelic stuff, old school tattoos, hex signs and so on.
I love designing album artwork, merchandise and packaging with a luxurious flare.


I’d be glad to work on your project, be it as a producer, musician and/or mixing.
I work in Logic Pro X, but I am also proficient in ProTools, Cubase, as well as analogue recording.

Currently looking for drum session work. Live or studio. Hit me up!


Using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, I can produce high-end digital content for social media and/or edit videos – tailored for you and your project’s needs.


Since I have a BA in Linguistics, it might as well come in handy sometimes. I do proofreading for academic works (Swedish and/or English), and translations for commercials and publishing (Swe > Eng, Eng > Swe).


Send me an email for rates & fees and tell me about your project:
calle.thoor (at) gmail (dot) com


HARDWARE: Apple Mac mini M1
DAW: Logic Pro X
I/O: Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Heritage Ed.
MONITORS: Yamaha Hs7
Røde NT1-A x1
T.Bone RB500 x1
Behringer T-47  x1
Shure SM57 x1
Fender Jaguar
Fender Thinline 72′
Squier Jazzmaster
Squier Bass VI
Boss TU2 Tuner
Boss DD6 Digital Delay
Death by Audio Fuzzwar
Earnie Ball JU2 Volume pedal
Electro Harmonix Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Electro Harmonix Ravish Sitar
Electro Harmonix Holy Reverb
Line 6 MM6
Ibanez TS7 Tubescreamer
Old Blood Noise Endeavours Fault V2
Old Blood Noise Endeavours Minim
Old Blood Noise Endeavours Sunlight
ProCo Rat 2
Strymon Blue Sky Reverb
Strymon Ojai
Strymon Timeline
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Yamaha RV100 Digital Reverbator

Ludwig Centennial Zep (26”, 14”, 16”, 18”)
Ludwig Supraphonic 70s vintage (14”x4,5”)
Pearl Ambassador Snare (14”x4,5”)
Sabian HHX 22” Legacy Heavy Ride
Sabian AAX 22” Omni Crash/Ride
Sabian HHX 22” Complex Thin Ride
Sabian HHX 20” Complex Thin Crash
Sabian HHX 22” Complex Thin Crash
Sabian HHX 17” Complex Thin O-Zone Crash
Sabian AAX 19” Xplosion Crash
Sabian HHX 19” HHXtreme Crash
Sabian AAX 18” Freq Crash
Sabian AAX 16” Xplosion Fast Crash
Sabian HHX 15” Complex Medium Hats
Sabian AAX 14” Freq Hi-hats
Sabian AAX 10” Aero Splash
Sabian HH 10” Mike Portnoy Mid Max Stack
Super Vintage 14” Hi-hats
Paiste 2002 16” Crash
Rhythm Tech Hat trick
Rhythm Tech Tambourine
Tama Iron Cobra HP200PTW
Big Fat Snare Classic 14″

Elektron Model: Cycles
Native Instruments Komplete A49
M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32
Philichorda AG7500
Roland JXP8
Vintage Pump Organ
Upright Piano

Mongolian Bear Shaman beater
Vintage Zither
Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 Black
Native Instruments Kontakt 7
Native Instruments Komplete
Output Analog Strings
Teletone Audio Vespertone
Teletone Audio Le Gibet
Teletone Audio Scarbo
Teletone Audio Ondine
Tandberg Stereo ¼” Tape Reel
Crowncorder Stereo ¼” Tape Reel
Soundtoys 5
Assorted Waves plugs (Silver + misc)
Assorted Universal Audio plugs



Funday Mornings – World of Girls EP (7″, Fabulous Friends, 2002)
Everyday Mistakes – A Melody I Just Made Up (CDEP, Röda Katten, 2005)
Everyday Mistakes – Walking About (CD, Sonic Magazine, 2007)
The Bridal Shop – In Violation (7″, Cloudberry, 2007)
Cocoanut Groove – End of the Summer at Bookbinder Road (7″, Phonic Kidnapping, 2007)
Cocoanut Groove – Madeleine Street (LP, Fridlyst, 2008)
Droyma – Sólarmyrking (EP, Records by the Sea, 2011)
Bolywool – Isles (Album, Records by the Sea, 2012)
Cocoanut Groove – Colours (10″, Fraction Discs, 2012)
Cocoanut Groove – Fair-Weather Friend (MP3, Plastilina Records, 2012)
The Greencoats (Mastering, 2012)
Afraid of Stairs – Rough (Mix and additional overdubs, MP3, 2012)
Everyday Mistakes – Voodoo Drums (Musician, Single, Novoton, 2013)
Everyday Mistakes – Obscure Lanes (Musician, arrangements,  recording, Novoton, 2013)
Cocoanut Groove – How to Build a Maze (LP, Fortuna Pop, 2013)
The Telstar Sound Drone – Feel It (Bolywool Remix) (Subsuburban, 2014)
Bolywool – Já (Album, Novoton, 2014)
Bolywool – Hymnals & Bombs (LP, Novoton, 2016)
Bolywool – From Void to Matter Volumes I-III (2xLP, Vårø, 2018)
Bolywool – Darkly After, the Longest Day (Album, Vårø, 2019)
The Electric Sea Gospel – Daybreaks, Soundscapes and Escapes (Album, Little Big Pink, 2020)
Bolywool – Canada (EP, Vårø, 2021)
Bolywool – Orcadian Obsidian (EP, Vårø, 2022)
The Electric Sea Gospel – Retrieve the Retriever (EP, Tapelore BK)
Gentle Touch – Part 3 (EP, Inåt Bakåt, recording and co-prod, 2023)


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AlarmStreet Media
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Bergman Recording
Blomlöfs Rökeri
Bow & Arrow Studios
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